Release Notes


Release Notes | October, 2021
A lot of great work on various projects as well as some performance updates and many bugs that we've identified, researched and resolved.  Performance Updates Updated Lexus and Toyota Policies Displaying VIN number entered in the O...
Release Notes | September, 2021
Performance updates and resolved bugs/fixes released during the month of September.
Release Notes | August, 2021
Release Notes for Performance Updates and Bugs & Fixes that were resolved during our August Releases.
Release Notes | July, 2021
July's Sprint Release. Come and see what we've been working on during July. Keep in mind that we've spent most of our efforts on large projects we'll release in the future.
Release Notes | June, 2021
The first monthly Release Notes, June had two sprints that were jam packed with lots of great work on really exciting projects. This month features INFINITI's VIP program.
Release Notes | May 20, 2021
This sprint we focus again on larger projects, but we've finished our Sprint integration and some other updates for our Control Panel.
Release Notes | May 06, 2021
Stripe as a new Payment Gateway, B2B upgrades, and fixes for many bugs identified.
Release Notes | April 22, 2021
This sprint was mostly centered around a large exciting project that we will be releasing in August and another smaller project that will be done at the end of May for piloting. We had a few performance updates and a couple small bugs. Read below fo...
Release Notes | April 08, 2021
Introducing NNA's new VIP Program along with performance updates and bug fixes.
Release Notes | March 25, 2021
Continually progressing our platform, resolving issues and bugs identified and working diligently on large projects!
Release Notes | March 11, 2021
A few more bugs that we have identified and resolved as we are continuing most of our efforts on large projects.
Release Notes | February 26, 2021
While working on big projects, here are a few miscellaneous items and bugs we've worked on!
Release Notes | February 11, 2021
With so much work on large projects underway, a short update here on resolved bugs.
Release Notes | January 28, 2021
WCAG work, new Appcues integration for the Control Panel, and B2B fixes are some of the many things we've accomplished.
Release Notes | January 14, 2021
We're back up and running swiftly with our first sprint of 2021. We've been rigorously planning our 2021 Q1 and Q2 sprints and way more prepared than ever before! We're excited to let you in on our progress every two weeks, so be sure to...
Release Notes | December 28, 2020
The last sprint of 2020 was focused on continuing updates on the Control Panel and improving our Search function's algorithm, alongside many other improvements.
Release Notes | December 10, 2020
The second to last sprint of the year dedicated to fixing many one-off issues to button up a record-breaking year!
Release Notes | November 30, 2020
Exciting projects being worked on, including the continued work revamping the Control Panel and NNA's new VIP Program.
Release Notes | November 16, 2020
New updates to the Control Panel and Real Time Shipping as well as other minor changes.
Release Notes | October 30, 2020
Two October sprints pulled into one dynamic release packed with features and fixes!
Release Notes | October 7, 2020
A smaller release with continued work on WCAG and the debut of a new Fast Moving Parts section.
Release Notes | September 17, 2020
Both September sprints are combined together, showcasing our new and improved Product Details Sidebar among many other improvements.
Release Notes | August 31, 2020
Improvements with Local Pickup, Dealer Finder, mobile sites, and minor styling features.
Release Notes | August 6, 2020
New features for the Control Panel to enhance functionality and communications, as well as bugs fixed across certain sites.
Release Notes | July 27, 2020
New features and improvements including Guided Navigation's Continue Shopping, Blog content, Automated Refund emails, and more.
Release Notes | July 9, 2020
Some highlights this time include new banner functionality as well as smart search updates.
Release Notes | June 25, 2020
Some exciting developments this time, namely our new Mazda B2B site, in addition to the usual new features and bug fixes.
Release Notes | June 15, 2020
New features like Address Book, new parts categories, and more!
Release Notes | May 28, 2020
This sprint was mainly devoted to bug fixes and ongoing work on larger projects.
Release Notes | May 15, 2020
Read here for new May updates, which impact design, wholesale, and more!
Release Notes | April 30, 2020
In addition to some larger projects currently in the works, we released a few smaller, but still quite useful items this time around.
Release Notes | April 20, 2020
Buckle up for updates to all kinds of functionality, featuring: CCPA, hamburger (not that kind) menus, and product pages.
Release Notes | April 3, 2020
Lots of bug fixes and updates in this sprint - real-time shipping, control panel updates, new site designs, and more!
Release Notes | March 25, 2020
This week, the team has done a lot of maintenance work, improving our features and addressing bugs and issues.
Release Notes | March 10, 2020
This release prominently featured updates to product tag functionality, as well as a range of items covering maintenance and bug fixes.
Release Notes | Feb 24, 2020
The February 24 release included a range of fixes and updates across our platform - including updates to B2B printables and role pricing in the Control Panel.
Release Notes | Feb 13, 2020
Some highlights for February 13 include additional fraud prevention features, a new message center feature in the Control Panel, the continued rollout of the Utility Bar and Guided Navigation and updates to the Mopar Template.
Release Notes | Jan 27, 2020
For this release, we have updated the Product Editing Screen on the Control Panel with new parameters for products. As always, we’ve also made minor improvements across the platform and addressed bugs.
Release Notes | Jan 17, 2020
We’ve updated cookie notices across our platform and addressed some related bugs.
Release Notes | December 11, 2019
SimplePart is continually working to develop our products and services, and we want to keep all our valued customers informed of our progress. Below is a list of changes and updates to our systems and applications which have recently been deployed. ...
Local Pickup Update
Updates to local pickup
Google My Business Reviews
Effective February 5, 2018, customers will now be able to provide ratings and testimonials for their online shopping and purchase experience with your dealership on Google My Business (GMB). GMB reviews help your business in a variety of ways. While...