Release Notes | April 08, 2021

We have various performance updates and feature updates on this sprint as well as minor bug fixes. We also finished our work on a new VIP Program being deployed by Nissan. Read below to learn more about it. 

Performance Updates

  • We've investigated the issue of dealers accidentally double refunding on the Control Panel and found a way to prevent it from happening. 
  • We've moved our checkout pages off of our MART servers to another one to optimize performance. 
  • We've also migrated from one server to another.
  • We've changed the color code on the Recent Orders page for PDC-eligible orders that are not in a State that is eligible. 
  • We created an expandable link on our Assembly notes platform-wide so that screen readers are able to navigate the page more effectively. We've added an aria-hidden class to the notes so they only show when they're expanded. 
  • We updated the aira-label for the Terms and Conditions on Lexus dealer sites to show screen readers that the link will open into a new tab.
  • We removed an aria-expanded label for category lists on Toyota T1 and T3 default pages for a better screen reading experience. 
  • We've made improvements on the Dealer Finder alt text.
  • We edited arrow colors on Similar & Related parts of the Part Type page to match brand primary colors.
  • We've edited the Audi B2B Model range buttons to be the right dimensions. 
  • We've added an ability to track how many users view the NISMO online catalog. 

Project Work

  • For the past few months, we've been working on a new feature that is now live on Nissan sites. We're happy to introduce you to Nissan's VIP Program. 
    • The VIP Program allows loyal customers to create an account and enjoy special perks, offers and deals including Free Shipping. 
    • VIP customers can also enjoy an easier shopping experience with all of their past orders and vehicle information saved.

Bugs & Fixes

  • We found a bug on a dealer site where the add-to-cart buttons were not working correctly on product tiles. These have been fixed. 
  • We fixed a bug on the Volvo US B2B's email list functionality to work appropriately. 
  • We found a bug on Triumph sites where model years were showing out of order. This has been resolved. 
  • Volvo Accessory only templates were resetting the last field of the My Garage feature which has been resolved to work correctly.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.