Release Notes | April 22, 2021

This sprint was mostly centered around a large exciting project that we will be releasing in August and another smaller project that will be done at the end of May for piloting. We had a few performance updates and a couple small bugs. Read below for a project launch that we are excited for you to know about. 

Performance Updates

  • We've updated the Accessories tiles on Volvo US T1 and T3 sites to be more simple.
  • We added and updated content for Part Types for VW US on the Part Type page and Part Type tab which exists on the Product Details page. 
  • Multiple orders were re-uploaded to Toyota's central site. 
  • Touch-up work and styling was done for Subaru's new site.

Project Work - Subaru P4.5 Redesign

We've completed an exciting project for Subaru where we've completely redesigned the whole site. Instead of just changing the designs and styling, we've taken the opportunity to rebuild our platform from the bottom up. We've broken down every part of the site and created them into modules.

This allows us to approach our platform and new sites with a modular build to make all new updates, redesigns, and changes much more optimized. It also allows future functionality and features to become much more efficient to build and opens doors to new possibilities. 

Bugs & Fixes

  • We found an issue where Mazda B2B sites for users with an SSO login were experiencing slow performance. We investigated and fixed this issue. 
  • We were experiencing a bug on the Control Panel Notifications page that was resolved.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.