Release Notes | April 3, 2020

We have a range of big and exciting projects in the works, but they aren’t quite done baking in the proverbial oven. Expect some of these in upcoming release notes. In the meantime, we’ve released a range of updates and bug fixes across our platform. Et voila

  • If dealers want to upload inventory files via CSV so that they can list their products on their eBay store, they now have the ability to do so via the Control Panel.

  • We have noticed some confusion on “About Us” pages. These pages allow customers to submit a question to a dealer by filling out a contact form, but there wasn’t a confirmation message until now. This will give customers confidence that their questions or comments were actually submitted.

  • Nissan and Infiniti B2B printables have been improved to be more attractive and effective. Text and images are formatted better, and hero images now show.

  • We picked up on a bug in which our Real-time Shipping system was not accurately flagging freight orders, which sometimes would cause the wrong shipping rate to apply. We’ve fixed the glitch and correct shipping rates should now populate consistently.

  • In another shipping-related bug, Nissan Wholesale email shipping notifications have been coming back blank - not the most useful email. We found the bug and notifications should now have text. 

  • Some Toyota sites have been reporting that the “payment declined” message wouldn’t show on certain PayPal orders that had payment issues. The message should show as expected now.

  • When on a search page, we’ve been experiencing a bug where the user can’t filter results by fitment. We’ve been exhorting customers to filter by fitment since day 1, so it made sense to make sure that this feature works, and now it does.

  • Message Center, which was released a few sprints back, was only released with limited functionality. We’ve expanded that functionality so that outgoing messages display and sender email addresses show as intended.

  • Our Nissan employee ordering site has not been applying sales tax rates on orders. While we want to make sure that everybody saves money, taxes are required by law, so we addressed this. 

  • Certain products on Volvo and Toyota sites have been displaying unexpected text in the keyword terms. In order to allow those clients to market these products as best as they can, we’ve made sure that this is no longer the case.

  • Toyota dealer finder text has been updated to display what they have requested. 

  • We’ve shut off Lookbook for Volvo US sites, at their request.

  • BMW Motorrad has new branding (congrats to them!). We’ve updated their sites so that the cool new fonts and logos now populate.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.