Release Notes | August, 2021

A lot of great work on various projects as well as some performance updates and many bugs that we've identified, researched and resolved. 

Performance Updates

  • Implemented a Google Analytics tag in Control Panel

  • Implement design/text changes to "Paid Return on Investment" Container on Control Panel home page 

  • Made improvements to Nissan VIP and Lotus eCommerce UI/UX

  • Now including tracking number and carrier in the body of the Shipped Email

  • UI/UX Improvements to EPC Registration Pages

  • Checkbox on /retailRegistration.aspx “by clicking submit” is now prechecked

Bugs & Fixes that were Resolved

  • B2B PDF Brochure Styling

  • Control Panel: Order Contents section of /editOrder_orderContents.aspx allows dealers to add items to order with quantity of 0, and also allows dealers to set quantity to 0 but does not remove 0 quantity items from order. 

  • Corrected text on Accessory subcategory links on VW US

  • Fixed banner default text color on Infiniti T1 and T3 Sites

  • Fixed a PayPalTransparentRedirect bug that was failing to pass checkout_step_3 url

  • Fixed a login bug preventing logins

  • Fixed a bug for clients unable to capture payments

  • Fixed some exclusions were not being excluded for dealers

  • Fixed a broken asset in the Cart Widget

  • Fixed slow Add to Cart Functionality with missing success functionality on Volvo Program Templates/Sites

  • Fixed users being unable to successfully save changes to the exception box on the editOrder.aspx page

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.