Release Notes | August 31, 2020

This sprint's main objective was to improve and optimize design, styling and options for a more comfortable shopping experience. There was also work done on internal functions as well as contributions towards larger projects that we are excited to launch and communicate once they are ready! 

  • With our Local Pickup fulfillment option, we have periodically received feedback that customers would show up at a dealership to pickup their orders before they were ready. We've identified this may be because the Cart Summary page shows text, when the Local Pickup option is selected, "Your Order is now ready for pick up". We have amended this to solve this issue.

  • For VW Canada sites, we noticed that the Accessory Category tiles had text overlapping the images because of their configuration. We realized this was occurring because the tiles were displayed in the layout of sub-categories and re-styled them to have show two tiles per row, allowing the text and images to have the ample space needed. 

  • In order to optimize the customer experience, we also found a portion of a fill-out form on VW Canada's T3 Accessories-only site where a customer has an option of sending a list of products to the dealer, to contain text that is difficult to read because of its color. We have amended this for easier visibility. 

  • In an attempt to ensure proper safety for all customers, we improved the visibility of a disclaimer that is present on the NISMO's Microsite where customers are able to select a model range. This allows the disclaimer to be displayed when a mouse is hovered over the text. 

  • We received a request from Toyota to include an additional ability on our Dealer Finder feature to allow customers to view "All Dealers" or "Only Participating Dealers". By selecting "All Dealers", Dealer Finder will include results for dealers without commerce and non-program dealers. 

    • This feature has also been included with a setting in the Control Panel as an option to turn this feature on or off. 

  • We are continually working to optimize and improve mobile sites for customer ease and utility. With this in mind, we have completed our new styling for the Utility Bar for Toyota, Volvo and VW. We are expecting to continue this with other sites as we move forward. 

  • We noticed a small styling improvement opportunity with spacing between Model Ranges and Select a Category icons on Volvo CA's T1 and T3 sites in both English and French. We removed the extra spacing for a more coherent look. 

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.