Release Notes | December 10, 2020

For the second to last Sprint of the year, we dedicated our time and resources to fixing and resolving various bugs and issues to button-up and gear up for all the exciting projects we'll be working on in 2021. We've been working hard to plan our sprints as effectively and efficiently as possible and 2021 Q1 will be full of new projects that we can't wait to start working on! 

  • Continuing the work to return order information from the API as done with the integration in place, a request to return the Credit Card number alongside the API order information has been addressed. 
  • An issue where a customer was able to select and complete an order with Local Pickup for an order with a dealer that does not have Local Pickup enabled has been resolved so customers can no longer do so.
  • Model Year 2021 was not showing up in the Mazda B2B within Guided Navigation. This is fixed.
  • The BMW Motorrad is hidden on the mobile shopping experience for both T1 and T3. This is fixed.
  • The Dealer Finder feature for VW's T1 site is realigned to be horizontally aligned.
    • The padding and section border radius and font weights are also fixed.
  • VW T1 and T3 Mobile Accessories and Driver Gear tiles have been restyled to correct the padding and font located in the Default page.
  • A bug was found on FCA P2 on BrowseAccessories with the model year listings on the Guided Navigation making the page full-width. This is resolved.
  • FCA P2 also had a bug where the brand names white text spilled out of the tiles, which is now fixed.
  • Styling was fixed for Volvo's T1 Dealer Finder.
  • An issue with Toyota T3 hero images where the text styling disrupted when a dealer had a long name is fixed.
  • Toyota T3 Mobile hero styling has also been adjusted by aligning the text to the left.
  • The email icon on Lexus T3 has been removed.
  • The Lexus T3 Accessories tiles on the Default page have been restyled for the text to fit within the tile.
  • For Isuzu T1 and T3 sites, the Header Contact Information has been restyled to fix the padding, align the icons, restyle the category, and fix the logo.
  • Audi T1 and T3 Mobile Category tile images on the Default page are restyled to display them as a grid.
  • A new template is created for Vintage Parts Inc. mirroring the GM P4 template.
  • There was a bug with Fixed Shipping Cost keys not passing through to checkout. This is resolved.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.