Release Notes | December 11, 2019

SimplePart is continually working to develop our products and services, and we want to keep all our valued customers informed of our progress. Below is a list of changes and updates to our systems and applications which have recently been deployed.


  • The new eBay Dashboard is now available for managing eBay listings.


  • As the cart widget is not used on Mothership sites, it has been disabled to improve performance.
  • Updates to My Garage have been released to sort the vehicles by driveline first.


  • Previously, B2B printables were not working for Nissan or Infiniti. This has been corrected so they print as expected.
  • Previously, RTS was not quoting freight rates for Mopar Parts Inc., this has been fixed.
  • Previously, was not logging click actions. This has been corrected.
  • Previously, the Volvo logo was not appearing on the nav bar when viewed on a tablet. This has been corrected so the logo renders as expected.


  • The favicon for has been updated.
  • The logos for have been updated
  • The Motorsports tile has been removed from the Infiniti accessories page.
  • Updates to the placement of the background image for the Volvo mothership site have been released.
  • Updates to Volvo's model ranges have been released.