Release Notes | December 28, 2020

The last sprint of 2020! What a remarkable year it's been at SimplePart. We've made really significant changes this year that have made huge improvements across our platform. 

  • The option to select Installation under Fulfillment on the Product Details Page is being removed so customers cannot select this, as there are Business implications that still need to be flushed out with this.
  • We've made changes so that if no dealerships return on the VW CA T1 Parts pages, nothing about Dealers will be presented on the Show Assembly and Product Details page.
  • The Search function algorithm is being fixed system-wide to allow Search to return the exact terms from the product description, for at least the most popular accessories.
    • This is tied to issues that have been found with:
      • An issue on VW's sites where "mirror" only brings back 2 of the 11 mirror accessories present on the site.
      • An issue on VW's sites where Roadside Assistance Kit does not show up when the term "Roadside Assistance Kit" is inputted into the Search function.
      • An issue on Volvo sites where when "Roof box" is searched, it only returns products resulting from the term "box", which does not bring their 5 different Roof Boxes.
      • An issue on Volvo sites where searching for "Cargo box" or "Cargo" does not yield results for "Cargo". 
  • Styling for the Lexus T1 Dealer Finder on the Default page is fixed to display longer dealer names correctly.
  • Lexus T1 Dealer Finder's styling on Mobile is also being fixed.
  • The Audi T3 Header Contact Information styling is being fixed. This includes correcting icon sizes, padding, and font sizes.
  • Nissan's T3 Header Contact Information styling is being fixed. This includes alignment, a divider, and removing a line break.
  • Toyota T3 Tablet's hero area's styling is being fixed.
  • A Google Tag Assistant issue is being researched to understand how tags are set up on our end and then also recognized by Google Tag Assistant.

  • Control Panel updates! 
    • Styling and minor improvement updates continue on the Control Panel:
      • Customer order warnings are changed to a white font from the previous black to make sure it doesn't blend into the background.
      • Correct font colors were also applied to the input text in the "Website URL" field, the "All Groups" dropdown, the text in "Edit Order", "Edit Product" and "Find Customer" dropdowns.
      • The menu items in the header font have been increased to be the larger text. 
      • Menu dropdown arrows have been changed to be light blue instead of dark blue, as the dark blue are difficult to see. 
      • A default blank option has been created on seoContent.aspx for userTypes. 
    • All Control Panel updates are being pushed to the node that NNA dealers are using so they can enjoy all of the benefits that have been created.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.