Release Notes | February 26, 2021

With continued effort on many large projects, here are a few things we've worked on to identify bugs and improve small features. We will release more information on our projects as soon as we launch them! 

  • Volvo CA Tier 1 and Tier 3 in both English and French sites are having their price colors updated and strikethrough removed on discounted MSRP prices to match Volvo's styling guides. 
  • We successfully investigated and resolved an issue the Message Center was experiencing involving replies to emails not making their way back to the Message Center. 
  • We created the option for UPS Freight to be added to the list of Shipping Carriers that can edit markups/markdowns in the Control Panel under Shipping Configuration settings. This allows a greater functionality to edit and increase flexibility for UPS Freight rates. 
  • We investigated and fixed a bug on Subaru T3 sites where Dealer codes and partner parameters were being stripped out of the URLs when they added cross-site tracking parameters to the URL string. 
  • We resolved a bug that occurred on Product Details pages when it starts with the 'What's This Fits' tab first, data was not being displayed correctly. 
  • We found a bug when Model and Assembly were specified but Category was not, the URL passed the Model information into the wrong location. This was resolved. 
  • We have improved the process of creating a message in the Control Panel for a Local Pickup message. Currently, there are three separate areas in the Control Panel that affect this messaging, on the Order Rules tab and Product Details tab of the Support Update Screen and on the Setup page.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.