Release Notes | Jan 27, 2020

Product Editing Screen

  • Dealers use the Product Editing screen to specify various aspects of an item that they sell. We’ve added new parameters in order to allow individual dealers to be as specific as possible with their products. These include:

    •  PackQuantity, 

    • Installation Cost, 

    • Installation Price, 

    • Product Weight, 

    • Product Length, 

    • Product Width, 

    • Product Height, 

    • Shipping Weight, 

    • Shipping Length, 

    • Shipping Width, 

    • Shipping Height, and 

    • ForceMSRP.

Here’s what the new fields look like on the screen.

You can expect a new Knowledge Base article in the first week of February to explain this page in all the detail you ever wanted.


  • We recently updated model range tiles for Volvo, but noticed that the tiles would overlap at different screen sizes. We’ve fixed the problem so that you can browse Volvo websites to your heart’s content at any screen size.

  • We’ve addressed some styling issues with the wholesale account request screen for Audi sites so that it renders the way that you expect it to.

  • We noticed that confirmation emails for orders were showing MSRP prices in the order summary even if the item was on sale. The correct amount was still being charged, but it can be pretty confusing if the email shows the wrong total. We fixed this so that the email content accurately reflects the order total.

  • The Nissan Lifestyle page was having an issue in which it wasn’t connected to the catalog and so was displaying no information. It’s now working properly and people can browse for Nissan Lifestyle products.

  • Text in the tiles under Related Products for Toyota sites had no spacing on the left. This was unattractive, which is no good. We’ve centered the tiles better so that they’re nicer to look at.


  • The “Lifestyle” tile for VW has been decreased from double wide to single to better align the tiles. 

  • The Hero and Jellybean images for the Audi A6 Allroad have been updated for the new model year.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.