Release Notes | January 28, 2021

A lot of great work has been done and major projects are underway that we're excited to share with you once they are completed. We are continuing enhancements platform-wide and a lot of great work has been done to achieve WCAG compliance with our Toyota and Lexus site. 

  • A Volkswagen Canada Tier 1 Parts site has been created. This site will not have eCommerce or parts for Dealers, simply Tier 1.
  • Volvo US's T1 & T3 B2B sites experienced a bug with the Guided Navigation where it is losing the progression of vehicle selections. This is resolved.
  • A bug occurred on Volkswagen and Audi B2B sites where the primary issue is not showing up as the primary image for products in the list summary and on printables. 
    • A connected issue is that the images are not all uniform in size within image boxes on the List summary. This is fixed. 
  • The Local Pickup Handling Charge has fields in both the Shipping Rates Table as well as the Support Update Screen - Order Rules. This can cause a conflict for Dealers and their prices. The Local Pickup Handling Charge will now be pulled from the Shipping Rates Table to show in the Product Page and the field box in the Order Rules tab is removed.  
  • An issue was found for NNA Dealers seeing illegible gray text on Control Panel pages and seeing the old Control Panel Header Bar. This is resolved. 
  • A bug was identified with Audi and Mazda's B2B sites where the Accessories were not showing up in the B2B tools. This is fixed. 
  • A bug was found where NLA items were not showing NLA text. This is resolved.
  • Appcues is a tool used that will sit on top of the Control Panel and direct users through different types of screens to navigate users through certain steps. For example, it can walk a user through resetting their password, step by step on how to process orders, etc. It can also provide text boxes to allow users to type in questions and such. 
    • Work has been done to add the Appcues code so that we are able to utilize the tool. We also have assigned various user properties and control panel pages so that we are able to target users and actions to create robust "flows" and journeys that users can effectively follow. 
  • Affirm has requested that we add a "platform_type" field to the Affirm checkout metadata message with the value "SimplePart". This has been done. 

WCAG Toyota/Lexus

  • T1 & T3: A focus outline is set on the banner on the Default page. There currently is not a visible one.
  • T1: A pause control to the slider accessible to screen readers so users can pause the carousel is being inserted. This allows a screen reader to proceed at their own pace.
  • T1: The focus order when interacting with the carousel is not logical and is fixed to ensure the next tab is the header.
  • T1: The aria labels on the carousel selector buttons are given more descriptive labels.
  • T3: The focus order on the trust container located on the Default page is changed to go left to right to become more logical. 
  • T3: In the trust container, the map currently receives a focus twice when tabbing through which is not friendly to keyboard users. A tabindex has been removed. 
  • Platformwide: On the Assembly page, the image close button and the left and right arrows have ambiguous labels. These have been given more descriptive labels. 

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.