Release Notes | July, 2021

Our second monthly Release Note. A lot of great work on various projects as well as some performance updates and many bugs that we've identified, researched and resolved. 

Performance Updates

  • We added Social Media links under the Support Update Screen page in the Control Panel
  • We created VW & Audi US options for displaying inventory as 'limited stock' or 'in stock' with buttons
  • We added a mandatory checkbox for data collection on the Checkout Step 1 page, and creating a  'Ask a Question' tab. 
  • We added a Carrier and Tracking page link to the Order Shipped emails.

Bugs & Fixes that were Resolved

  • Infiniti VIP Retail Registration Page Styling.
  • Fixed Nissan and INFINITI VIP Forgot password functionality.
  • We fixed Nissan's category selector disappearing on T1 after selecting a category. 
  • We fixed a few Volvo B2B Site issues.
  • Volvo US Accessory Category misalignment was fixed.
  • We fixed the price on cart/checkout double counting tax for our Australian sites. 
  • We fixed the Vehicle Picker on default page not showing all options on our Australian sites.
  • Multiple dealer sites were doubling quantity of items chosen, now fixed.
  • English Text On French VW Canada T1 sites are remediated. 
  • Unable to type coupon codes or special instructions on Android phones for both Lexus and Toyota are fixed. 
  • SSO VW, Audi, & Volvo E-Commerce clients were prompted to checkout even while logged in was remediated. 
  • SSO VW, Audi & Volvo LOCAL No E-Commerce clients and "Non-Program" SSO users were unable to see the Accessory Desking Tool options in cart widget, which is remediated.
  • Fixes were made for Nissan CA - Accessories only.
  • Part type page - product tile - inability to add to cart has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where Order Confirmation emails were not generating for multiple sites
  • Subaru Wholesale module was charging shipping for Local Pickup was fixed.
  • An issue where clients were forced to select a website in the Control Panel in order to process orders has been fixed.
  • An issue where Audi CA sites were missing content under the heroes of the default page was fixed.
  • Updated RTS logic to ignore '0' as a value to improve functionality.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.