Release Notes | July 9, 2020

  • SimplePart has product tag functionality that allows our clients to call attention to products in a customizable way, including searching for all products with that tag. We discovered recently that the genuine replacement battery product tag for Nissan was not properly pulling up results. This has been addressed.

  • Isuzu’s wholesale site, we are happy to say, has been pushed to the latest edition of our platform, which will optimize both its design and functionality.

  • We noted that Volvo dealer sites have been experiencing problems with their vehicle selection flow. Fitment options on the home page have been overlapping and causing user confusion when selecting a model. We have fixed this problem and the site should be functioning like normal.

  • In response to some client feedback, SimplePart has decided to extend our banner functionality, which allows messages to be displayed prominently on consumer sites, to all of our B2B sites. This will allow our OEM clients to communicate as effectively as possible with their dealer partners.

  • We noticed that our Smart Search tool was not notifying consumers if it didn’t recognize a VIN for which they searched. This, understandably, can cause some confusion for the user, so we’ve implemented text that will unequivocally tell them that their VIN was not found, should that be the case.

  • The “About Us” link has been removed from Isuzu’s Tier 1 header, at the client’s request.

  • Consumers can use Subaru’s Tier 1 site dealer finder to navigate to the dealer of their choice, while carrying through any fitment or page-related information that the consumer has already selected. We caught an issue where the transition process was dropping that crucial information, which is undesirable. We’ve addressed this and consumers should encounter no more confusion.

  • We’ve made some design adjustments to allow for the best consumer experience possible

    • We noticed unlinked text on banners was being underlined along with linked text. We’ve fixed this so that only text with a link is underlined.

    • The “Gear” option, which was missing from Subaru sites, has been restored.

    • A spacing issue on Lexus’s dealer contact information has been fixed.

  • Volkswagen has reported that, on their B2B sites, news feed stories were not appearing in chronological order, as is expected. We’ve addressed this and stories should now appear with the newest story first.

  • Nissan and Infiniti have requested that the “merchandise” link on their employee ordering sites be redirected to a new URL. We’ve done so.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.