Release Notes | June, 2021

Our first monthly Release Note. A lot of great work on various projects as well as some performance updates and many bugs that we've identified, researched and resolved. 

Performance Updates

  • Guided Navigation to disappear after model and year are selected on Browse Accessories.
  • Populated the Delivery Option field with a 9 when the address is a PO Box.
  • The Control Panel order cancellation modal was changed to not default a selection and there are new options with sub-options as well.
  • Created a new screen in the Control Panel called Send Quote with new functionality.
  • Full Stack and SQL worked to Print labels through ShipStation.
  • Set up Pitworks media set for eBay integration.
  • Created a feature to ensure no orders can use promotions after they expire.
  • Merged and addressed style issues for the Vehicle Picker.
  • Improved the Page load speed.
  • Updated the DealerFinder Medium for Audi, Isuzu, Lexus, VW, VW CA and Volvo CA.

Project Work - INFINITI VIP Program

A VIP Program was created for INFINITI's most loyal customers, as previously built for Nissan. Customers can enjoy special perks, offers, and deals -including Free Shipping. Customers can join by providing their name and email address along with a few details about their vehicle. Customers can then store their vehicles and VIN to find the right parts and accessories, view order history, and receive special offers and discounts.

Bugs & Fixes that were Resolved

  • A bug where primary images on BMW Motorrad's T1 site was showing up as a thumbnail size.
  • An issue where products in cart via product page could not be removed from the cart via the cart widget.
  • An issue where B2B tools on VW, Audi, and Volvo national sites could not be emailed to customers.
  • An issue with searching products with short descriptions in the Control Panel.
  • An issue in the Control Panel where invalid credentials were inputted and a 500 error appeared.
  • An issue on order Status where a 500 error appeared.
  • A 404 error was happening when Subaru's dealerRedirect failed to match VIN. 
  • Multiple issues for Volvo B2B were resolved.
  • An issue where customers were not able to check out at an Audi dealer.
  • An issue where the assembly information on the right hand side container of a product page is displaying incorrectly and the Add to Cart button is half covered for T1 and T3.
  • A bug on NNA T1 and T3 sites where selecting the Batteries category on the homepage takes the user to a generic search page.
  • An issue where users cannot get past Checkout step 1 on the Nissan Employee Ordering Site.
  • An issue where the Add to Cart button is overlaying Quantity Selector on mobile on all dealer sites.
  • A bug where a red circle with a line through it appears when dealer attempts to ship to PDC.
  • An issue where Lotus is getting a 500 error when trying to access.
  • An issue where printing a receipt is missing cSessionID parameter. 
  • Fixing the Show More button on VW CA T1's Dealer Finder.
  • Vehicle image and content on Subaru T1 and T3 sites were fixed to be in alignment.
  • An issue where receiving a 500 error when logging into eBay and transitioning back to the Control Panel through eBay's site.
  • The page manageEbay.aspx was fixed as it was receiving 500 errors on all sites.
  • An issue with eBay inventory that was not showing up.
  • A bug for eBay site feeds.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.