Release Notes | May 06, 2021

We covered a lot of different aspects of our platforms this sprint. We finished a project to implement Stripe as a new payment gateway option for Dealers. We are in the process of piloting it before we offer it to any clients who wish to utilize Stripe. Some work was also done for B2B as well as fixes for bugs that we've identified. 

Performance Updates

  • We created another fix to help block malicious actors using a batch process. 
  • B2B Sites
    • We've changed the number of products needed to print a Sell Sheet from six to only one. Now if at least one item is selected, a Sell Sheet can be printed. 
    • We've also removed the image borders off of VW's Sell Sheets at their request. 
  • We've added partnercodes to the new managed email offers to be able to track sales and visitor attribution. 
  • We're continuing work on our Web Servers to build, configure and deploy new servers for improved performance. 

Project Work - Stripe Implementation and Integration

We decided that as we continue to grow and expand our platform and services across the globe as well as with increasing applications, we needed to provide extra support with payment gateways. 

  • We implemented Stripe to be a payment processing and gateway for clients.
  • Created fields for Stripe credentials to be entered and stored.
  • We created the ability for customers to pay through Stripe on the checkout pages.
  • We implemented the ability to refund and cancel orders through Stripe. 
  • Created all basic setup features and fields for Stripe. 

Bugs & Fixes

  • We found a bug where the pricing was defaulting to MSRP in the order contents section of Email Correspondence regardless if sale items are present. This issue was resolved.
  • There was a bug where PayPal was showing up as a payment option for Wholesale sites where Purchase Orders should be the only payment option. This has been resolved. 
  • A bug occurred with incorrect sizes of the primary pictures on the product page. This issue was identified and resolved. 
  • A bug occurred with our B2B sites where the Dealer Info tab was missing and when it was showing correctly, the labor units were not correct. This has been fixed. 
  • We found a bug for the Select a New Vehicle link that sits in the hero of the Part Types page was not correctly leading users back to the vehicle selector. This has been fixed. 
  • We identified an issue where a supersession message was being shown for products that are No Longer Available. This has been resolved. 

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.