Release Notes | May 15, 2020

We’ve revamped our QA process to be more comprehensive, more accurate, and more efficient. In order to implement this new process, however, this sprint had to be just a little bit shorter than usual, but still contains some very important updates.

  • For Audi Canada, we noticed that the dealer finder was not accurately showing the user the nearest dealer. We discovered that this was because the geolocation data for these dealers was missing. The issue is now fixed and users on these sites see their nearest dealers in order of how close they are.

  • We also noticed that the “submit” button for the original version Product Editing Page was not functioning, specifically for ProFit Auto Interiors and FMI Racing. The issue has been addressed so that full functionality of the page has returned to normal.

  • We’ve made some minor styling changes to the checkout experience, specifically to the order and coupon summary boxes, as well as the “pay with credit card” button.

  • Volkswagen recently got new, sleek, modern branding, which has been applied to their consumer-facing sites for a few weeks, but is now also present on their B2B experience.

  • In another aesthetic update, we’ve replaced a few placeholder images on Volvo sites with proper images of real models.

  • Minor text modifications have been made to emails concerning Nissan employee ordering, making their contents clearer and easier to read.

  • We’ve made a change in permissions for B2B sites. Now, labor unit editing will be restricted by job role; you have to have a certain credential to adjust them from here on out.

  • We’ve altered the way that the content of the “dealer finder” text is edited so that it no longer requires a push to change. This will make it far quicker in the future to adjust this text should a client request it.

  • A new policies hamburger has been added to the header for Isuzu sites, allowing users to easily see a dealer’s policies for things like payment options or returns.

  • For Nissan wholesale, employee accounts could only be pre-approved based on email, until now. We’ve updated the logic to also accept last name and employee ID for greater convenience.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.