Release Notes | May 28, 2020

Quite a lot happened in this sprint. We mainly addressed some nagging bugs, but also added new payment options and made several logical updates.

  • We’ve updated the Volkswagen B2B Accessories tab so that users can search for accessories for older models. Before, if the model in question was a legacy model, your only option would be to search through the parts tab.

  • We noticed an issue with Toyota’s national site, wherein featured parts and accessories were not populating on the default page. We fixed it and they now populate.

  • Main Navigation banners, we noticed, have been oversized, leaving a lot of unnecessary blank space. We found the source of the problem and addressed it so that banners look as they are expected to.

  • A few sites have been having an issue with shipping costs: Even if fixed shipping was set for a product, it wasn’t reflected on the cart page. That’s been fixed.

  • New pricing sets for accessories and merchandise have been added to our eBay module.

  • One client reported a problem in which the “payment method” field was missing from the printable summary of an order that they attempted to access in the Control Panel. This was an isolated problem and was fixed.

  • Audi and BMW Motorrad new models have had their corresponding jellybeans wired up to relevant sites.

  • Clients now have the ability to run multiple force-applied coupons simultaneously. For example, say you wanted to run a 10% off coupon on parts and a 15% off coupon on accessories. Now you can!

  • INFINITI’s wholesale registration page has been styled so that it matches the rest of the site.

  • The Message Center feature on the Control Panel has been updated to allow for easier navigation.

    • Messages can now be marked as read.

    • Aesthetic changes have been made to message height and width.

  • Minor aesthetic updates have been made to the Checkout page.

  • Volkswagen Canada B2B sites have a couple of bugs that have been addressed.

    • The News section was previously showing only 1 story at a time, instead of the intended 3, and there was also no interface allowing the user to click the story.

    • The footer was not present when logged in.

    • Finally, the cart widget was missing on the Tier 1 site.

  • Lexus’s warranty link on product pages has been updated to a new PDF.

  • For dealers that offer local pickup, we’ve added a “pay at pickup” option, allowing customers to indicate that they wish to pay for their purchase in person.

  • My Garage was experiencing a problem in which it was difficult and counterintuitive to add vehicles. This has been addressed so that the feature functions as one would expect.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.