Release Notes | November 16, 2020

In this sprint we focused mainly on finding and fixing different bugs happening on our sites as well as bolstering a few of our features, such as the Control Panel and RTS! 

Control Panel Updates

  • With the new updates on the Control Panel's search bar for site selection, we realized that URLs were case sensitive, making them difficult to search and that some sites were unable to be found using the search function. Both of these issues have been resolved. 
  • We've also redesigned the "Timeout"/"Update login" screen for the Control Panel.

Real Time Shipping (RTS)

  • Real Time Shipping is a feature we 
  • A new feature was made with RTS to allow Dealers to set individual products to override the RTS feature and default to the Fixed Shipping Amount assigned to the product. The Dealer will set these features on a new product editing screen called "Override RTS". 
  • An ability has been created to set and manage forced shipping methods for RTS. This would allow a Dealer to create situations such as: 
    • forcing any order less than $20 to be quoted as a USPS First Class rate, or 
    • force a quote based on stipulations for FedEx or UPS, or
    • ground quotes on orders over certain dollar values. 
    • These settings will be available as new fields on the Shipping Configuration page.

  • We found a bug on our Mopar Parts Overstock site when a user is on the Browse Accessories page they are not able to view or select any models. This has been resolved. 
  • There was an issue of a double vertical scroll bar on the Lexus T1 home page when a modal is open. This has been fixed.
  • A minor styling issue was fixed to correct the alignment of category words in the round box tiles for the Toyota T1 site. 
  • Toyota T1 was also experiencing an issue with Dealer finder, where the text and styling were experiencing a bug to make it unusable.
  • Toyota T1 Mobile banners are experiencing text overlap that is fixed.
  • A design issue was also resolved on Nissan, INFINITI, and VW T1 and T3 banners, where the "Show More" text font was a difficult to read color. 
  • INFINITI T1 and T3 banner spacing issue is being resolved.
  • INFINITI T1 and T3 Font weights on the default page are being updated to the correct weight.
  • Nissan T1 Mobile Headers were experiencing an issue where the site name and hamburger were overlapping. This has been fixed. 
  • Nissan T1 and T3 Mobile Default pages have been updated to include Vehicle picker tab choices that are styled for Mobile specifically.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.