Release Notes | April 20, 2020

This sprint covers a range of updates that improve our platform and make it easier to use for both clients and customers. Read on if innovation is your thing.

  • Hamburger menus on mobile sites have been updated for greater ease of navigation. This includes new design elements to better delineate between options as well as drop-down menus within the hamburger to allow the user to get more done from one screen.

  • Product tags now show on assembly products, allowing the user to see which components of, say, a Nissan suspension might have the Nissan Value Advantage tag without having to click on the product itself.

  • The CCPA is a law passed in California that gives their residents certain rights regarding their data privacy. In an effort to provide the best support to our clients in complying, we’ve updated some of our CCPA-related features:

    • The “service provider” section of dealer privacy policies has been greatly shortened to more succinctly provide information as to SimplePart’s role in consumer privacy and;

    • If a consumer makes a privacy-related request for data that SimplePart has to reject, the pertinent email notification will now go to the relevant dealer so that they can be in control of their communications with customers. The emails were previously being sent directly to the consumer.

  • Updates to the header for Volkswagen Canada sites have been released for better aesthetics and updated links.

  • We’ve shrunk “related products” tiles, as they were previously far too wide and had a lot of blank space. It was time for them to go on a diet. Now they’re lean and efficient. 

  • In another “related products” item, the tiles on Mopar Parts Overstock’s site had overlapping text that we’ve fixed.

  • The Control Panel has a newsfeed feature that we’ve noticed isn’t functioning optimally. We’ve done some work to bring it up to snuff, including updating the page’s ability to accept HTML and URL links.

  • Profit Auto Interiors now has full functionality of our utility bar, including My Garage and Smart Search. 

  • We’ve made a few procedural updates to our integrations.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.