Release Notes | Feb 13, 2020

Fraud Prevention

E-commerce is always at risk of fraud, so to stay ahead of the curve, we’ve added the following features.

  • Disable credit card payments exceeding a specific dollar amount: One of the major indicators of fraud is a suspiciously large credit card payment. Dealers now have the ability to disable credit card payments on orders exceeding a dollar amount that they set. Users who exceed the set amount will have to complete their purchase via PayPal, which has additional verification methods to help prevent fraud.

  • Google Street View for orders: Under the Order Contents page, the fraud prevention tab shows the Google Street View image for mailing and billing addresses for any given order. Fraudulent orders often come from fake or suspicious addresses, so this is a good indicator of safe orders. Unfortunately, the system has not been reliably displaying the correct Street View image. The feature now works properly.

  • Fraud warning for suspicious phone numbers: Another hallmark of a fraudster is a fake phone number: something like 555-1234 or 555-1212. We’ve set up a warning to display on any order where these patterns are entered.

Message Center

Dealers now have the ability to have all their messages related to their e-commerce site centralized in one location. Message Center lives on the Control Panel, and dealers can go here to see all incoming messages related to their e-commerce site, like order updates. Check back here soon for an article explaining this feature further.

Utility Bar/Guided Navigation

A few months back, we released some features to enhance the user experience when searching for products. The utility bar allows users to search for keywords and save their fitment under “My Garage.” Suggestions will also auto-populate when typing in the search bar, as part of our Smart Search feature. Guided Navigation gives users confidence that they have the right part by confirming that any part in question fits the vehicle that they’re shopping for. Clients who have had these features turned on have reported a positive experience, so in this release, we enabled them on more sites across our platform.

Other Notes

  • We’ve given our Mopar Template sites a facelift to improve the user experience.

  • The Volvo logo used to not appear if the user had a tablet. This has been fixed and you can be confident that you are on a Volvo site no matter what kind of device you’re using.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.