Release Notes | September 17, 2020

With the release of our newly updated Product Details Page, we decided to combine the September 3rd and September 17th sprints together to release it all at once. Both were jam packed with updates and improvements to our sites. Read through to see all that we've done! 

Product Details Sidebar

  • We've made a lot of amazing updates to the Product Detail Page and added key features to the sidebar to ensure all of the most pertinent information is available in one convenient location. 

    • The product Quantity option will now be a textbox with plus and minus options instead of a dropdown.

    • A new inventory feature has been added for participating programs to show if products are available and information on dealer warehouse stock of the product. 

    • Product tags will be added to the sidebar.

    • Fulfillment options will be show information on shipping, local pickup and installation. 

      • Shipping has a button to estimate shipping costs and a new timer feature that shows an estimated time for when packages will ship.

      • The Installation feature will now be a selectable option with pricing automatically adjusted. 

    • Pricing now displays all discounts and sales and is automatically adjusted with any core charges and/or installations. 

    • The Dealer rating now is summarized into simply the rating with the stars visual and an option to see reviews when selected.

    • Dealer contact information, return policies, manufacturer warranty and accepted payment are all in a container at the bottom of the sidebar for easy view and access.

  • BMW Motorrad US has requested a new header link on their site for Bicycles for all of their T1 and T3 sites.

  • Toyota has requested an ability to input further information under Local Pickup on the new Product Details Sidebar for their customers that can be customized in the Control Panel. 

  • Our French and Spanish sites have been updated to incorporate further translated phrases and terms that were still in English. 

  • We have received some issue reports from clients that were issuing Partial Refunds that have accidentally selected a double payment, so now we have added a "Loading" prompty once a client selects "Partial" when issuing a refund. This will ensure that Dealers do not select the button again. 

  • We noticed that with the pandemic our Order Expected Ship Date emails contained expected shipping dates that were not able to adjusted by the Dealer. Most of the email was customizable by dealer, but with all of the shipping uncertainties that Dealers are facing, we've made the expected date customizable as well. 

  • Mobile sites for Lexus, BMW Motorrad US/CA and Audi US have been updated to have a cleaner and uniform Utility bar with improved styling for all T1 and T3 sites. 

  • Nissan and INFINITI Spanish Tier 1 sites have been reconfigured to display a Spanish dealer site first in the Dealer Finder feature. This also includes an indication on each dealer whether they are an English or Spanish site.  

  • A few items were updated and improved on Mazda's B2B site:

    • Mazda's B2B UAT site has now added an "Add to List" button to show the Installation cost and and Installed price. 

    • A bug was found on Mazda's B2B site when selecting "List & Print Options" when adding a product. A cart widget appeared at the bottom of the page, which has been fixed. 

    • The newsfeed had styling adjustments made to improve the experience.

    • The hero image and text had styling adjustments made to improve the design and fix any overlap issues. 

  • An issue was found on Audi, VW, Volvo and Mazda's B2B sites that did not show the correct price on the price tag when Installation pricing was selected but a product did not have an actual Installation cost associated.

  •  Toyota has requested their "Local Pickup" option change the nomenclature to "In-Store Pickup" on all of their sites.

  • A bug was found when a docked banner on a site is dismissed and then the user continues to another page on the site, the banner shows up again and again on each page. This issue was fixed to disappear for the entirety of the visit once dismissed. 

  • We decided to make a few adjustments in the Control Panel for easier use: 

    • The Add Charges section had an inconvenient bug when selecting "Preview Transaction", the credit card expiration date defaults to 02/2020, causing the Dealer to have to update the information afterwards. This has been updated to fix this issue.

    • A new field has been added to the Recent Orders page in the Control Panel to include the internal order number underneath the existing order number. 

    • Styling changes were made to certain text in Settings for greater visibility and utility in Pricing, Order Details, and Billing Details. 

  • We've included header links on Volkswagen Canada sites to their sister sites, English to French and French to English.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.