Release Notes | September, 2021

A lot of great work on various projects as well as some performance updates and many bugs that we've identified, researched and resolved. 

Performance Updates

  • Made it obvious that fields are mandatory on EPC new user request form

  • Updated Lexus Welcome message/breadcrumbs Font

  • Updated placeholder text in the search box

  • For products with more than 1 product options, users are now required to make a selection for each option before adding the product to cart

  • Added logging functionality for calls to NNA lite enrollment API

  • Created two emails that send based on known/orphaned VIN status

  • Refactored the cart page

  • Added Confirmation of Policies checkbox with hyperlink to Policies to myprofile.aspx

  • Added Knowledge Base link on EPC 

Bugs & Fixes that were Resolved

  • Fixed Mazda E-Catalog Search Function from locking up after selecting home button 

  • Fixes Clients Unable to Select Year Option while Logged In

  • Fixed missing google map images

  • Fixed padding issues on tab container on the product page

  • Updated Recover.aspx error messaging

  • Updated retailRegistration.aspx error messaging when logging in

  • Updated Nissan and Infiniti VIP Garage account reset email language

  • Updated VW CA Magic Pocket disclaimer

  • Resolved email lookup with google not working 

  • Removed employee/retiree wording from EPC password reset emails

  • Fixed Insignia Files not respecting dealer entered metadata values for product labor time

  • Fixed Remarketing Email fields in Control Panel on /manageEmails.aspx

  • Fixed searching for any term in the smart search bar returning a server error

  • Fixed being unable to upload exclusion lists to stores

  • Fixed being unable to search and edit products on /searchProducts.aspx in Control Panel

  • Fixed Lotus EPC Hamburger home link pointing to template instead of site

  • Fixed Volvo US Accessories screen “shop by model” button styling

  • Fixed double partial refund issue

If you have any questions, please contact our support team via email at or 1-888-843-0425.