Application Program Interface - How a third party software interacts with your product.


billing details

A section of the editOrder screen that shows all information relevant to the actual payment involved in a transaction. This can be found in the menu alongside Order Details, Fraud Prevention, and other tools.

business purpose

Per California Code 1798.140(d), any use of personal information for "operational purposes or other notified purposes" provided that the information is only used in the context of the specific business purposes specified.



The next step in the payment process after authorization. Once payment is captured, the bank knows to reserve the funds indicated to complete the transaction.

Categories of Personal Information

Any of a CCPA-defined list of broad types of information, such as personal identifiers or internet activity.

Categories of Sources

The types of places or individuals that a business collects information from. For example, the user herself is the most common source of personal information.


A term used in the CCPA to refer to any resident of California from whom a company collects personal information.

core charge

A deposit you pay on an item that has recyclable components. When you replace the part, if you return the recyclable components, you get the deposit back.


data points

Any information that a business uses in order to verify a consumer's identity (eg. name, email, address...)

data requests

A blanket term for any CCPA request that a consumer makes of a business. This includes information, deletion, and opt-out requests.


high level of certainty


order details

A section of the editOrder screen that shows a general overview of information relevant to an order - how much it was for, who ordered it, etc.


payment gateway

A service provided by a third party that processes payments on behalf of a business, such as PayPal or


reasonable level of certainty


valuable consideration

Any kind of consideration or benefit that can be interpreted to have some form of economic value. It must be stipulated in a contract.