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  1. Payments

    Everything you need to know on how to capture payments, cancel orders, and issue refunds
  2. PayPal Pro Payflow Setup

    A walkthrough of all the steps you need to know to get your SimplePart site integrated with Payflow
  3. Local Pickup Handling Fees

    Local Pickup is an easy way to target customers near your dealership and save on shipping costs. And now you can add a handling fee to Local Pick-up orders, giving you the ability to recapture profit on these types of orders.  Handling fees ar...
  4. Best Practices: Preventing Fraud #2 - Order Details to Consider

    Fraud demands urgent attention and SimplePart has the tools and know-how to help you combat this issue. SimplePart’s Control Panel has several built-in features to help you take proactive measures against fraudulent orders. Ways to preve...
  5. PayPal Express Setup

    Step-by-step instructions to set up your PayPal Express account
  6. Finding Your Authorize.Net API Login and Transaction Key

    How to connect to your SimplePart site to payment gateways using Authorize.net
  7. Onboarding

    Inside this folder:
  8. Your Guide To Pricing Best Practices

    A key driver of sales for your website is pricing. How you price parts and accessories online will depend on your business’ goals. Following these steps will help you price your parts and accessories so you can meet your online objectives...
  9. Using ShipStation

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  10. How-To Videos

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