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  1. EP. 10 – Real-Time Shipping and ShipStation

    Learn about the two additional shipping features available in the SimplePart platform. Both of these tools can help drive sales and increase your overall profit per order.
  2. Stripe - How to Apply

    SimplePart is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with a new payment processing partner, Stripe! With this new partnership, you now have another robust payment processing option available to use to collect payments on your SimplePart websit...
  3. Migrating to the Latest Version of PayPal

    SimplePart is proud to be a PayPal Partner. With more payment options and an improved checkout experience for customers, PayPal can help you boost sales and sell to new types of customers.
  4. Payments

    Capturing Payments: When a customer pays for an order with their credit card, you must capture the payment, following the instructions detailed in the Billing Details tab .  Once you are in Billing Details, you’ll find the transact...
  5. EP. 1 – Get Started with SimplePart

    Watch our video on how to get started with us today.
  6. Your Guide To: Using Teleconferencing Software for Webinars

    If you want to attend a SimplePart demo, informational webinar or a meeting with one of our Dealer Strategists, you’ll want to know how to navigate teleconferencing software to do so. The two programs we use for these meetings include Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Webex.
  7. Your Guide to: Onboarding

    After you’ve made the decision to sign a contract with SimplePart, you start a very important process—Onboarding. Once our Sales team passes your information on to our Setup team, they can begin the process. To start, they’ll need ...
  8. Adjusting Pricing

    This document will cover how you can use the SimplePart Control Panel to adjust pricing on items in your online store.
  9. Pricing for Your Market

    When you’re setting up your online site, it’s essential to take the time to figure out proper pricing for your parts and accessories store. It can be difficult to find the balance between profit and volume for your dealership, while stil...
  10. Your Guide To Pricing Best Practices

    A key driver of sales for your website is pricing. How you price parts and accessories online will depend on your business’ goals. Following these steps will help you price your parts and accessories so you can meet your online objectives...