New Articles

  1. Release Notes | October, 2021

    A lot of great work on various projects as well as some performance updates and many bugs that we've identified, researched and resolved.  Performance Updates Updated Lexus and Toyota Policies Displaying VIN number entered in the O...
  2. Release Notes | September, 2021

    Performance updates and resolved bugs/fixes released during the month of September.
  3. Terminology

    isAccessory/isPerformance Bit columns in product tables, isAccessory and isPerformance settings are for additional “non-stock” items, never exact replacement parts. isAccessory indicates “gift shop” style merchandise not dir...
  4. Add VAG NPN-prefixed part numbers (assemblies)

    For these an assembly must be made and the price and cost are manually set to the sum of those of the included parts. Create the NPN part as usual, but set the listPrice and cost according to the parts, making sure to multiply each included part&rs...
  5. P2+ Overview

    Products on P2, P4, and newer sites must be associated with a data source (found in Simplepart_sourceData.dbo.dm_sources) and more specifically, a media set (found in Simplepart_sourceData.dbo.dm_media). For example, the source "Toyota OEM Acc...
  6. Release Notes | August, 2021

    Release Notes for Performance Updates and Bugs & Fixes that were resolved during our August Releases.
  7. P1 Tasks Overview

  8. Databases Overview

    SPCS01 Production Servers
  9. Check if a website is a P1 site/client

    To check if a website is a P1 site, check the siteType column in Simplepart_Master.dbo.websites for that ukey_website. SELECT ukey, websiteURL, ukey_client FROM Simplepart_master.dbo.websites as w WHERE w.websiteUrl LIKE '%www.jimellishyunda...
  10. P1 Overview

    P1 websites are for some of the original Simplepart clients and have an older database structure. They have their own catalog that was historically provided by the individual dealer. Some of the catalogs have been updated or added to using MOTOR dat...