Updated Articles

  1. Payment Types

    How do you capture the younger demographic on your online parts counter? By offering a variety of payment providers like digital wallets and BNPL options.
  2. Migrating to the Latest Version of PayPal

    SimplePart is proud to be a PayPal Partner. With more payment options and an improved checkout experience for customers, PayPal can help you boost sales and sell to new types of customers.
  3. Your Guide to: Shipping Supplies

    You've got your online store all ready to go. But are you equipped to start shipping your first orders? We've put together some supplies you'll want to have on hand as you fulfill orders.
  4. PayPal Setup

    When it comes to ease of use and security, PayPal is a favorite among both businesses and consumers. On your SimplePart site, you have the ability to integrate PayPal as a valid payment option.  If you do not currently have a PayPal account, y...
  5. Your Guide To: Using Teleconferencing Software for Webinars

    If you want to attend a SimplePart demo, informational webinar or a meeting with one of our Dealer Strategists, you’ll want to know how to navigate teleconferencing software to do so. The two programs we use for these meetings include Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Webex.
  6. How This Works: The Product Questions Module

    The ability to connect with customers at key points in the buying process can transform your bottom line.
  7. Search Engine Marketing with Google

    If you signed up for a package with SimplePart that includes Search Engine Marketing, then you will need to comply with Google’s policies. It is important to do so to avoid Google suspending your store due to policy violations.
  8. ADT (FKA B2B) - How to Adjust Labor Units

    Labor units typically apply to the required labor units for installation, and will subsequently impact the installed price of the item. Learn how to adjust this with a product.
  9. ADT (FKA B2B) - How to Print PDFs

    Learn how to print PDF versions of the various tools featured in the Dealer Accessories Catalog. There are two ways to print and we'll take you through both options.
  10. ADT (FKA B2B) – How to Build a Quote

    Learn how to easily generate a custom quote and calculate the financing for customers in the Dealer Accessories Catalog.